How do I start a  business?

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  • In general, once you decided on the type of business you want and
  • you know there is a demand for the product you sell or the service you provide,
  • it is very simple...
Before we make it any more complicated than it already is, keep in mind that if you already have customers - YOU ARE ALREADY IN BUSINESS. 

Then realize that it's easy to be successful.  Ok.. nothing is really easy in this life but neither is it very hard to start a business and be successful in it.

In general, to be successful in starting a business, you need to understand your type of business

Here are the basics:

  1. Equipment: What  do you need to run the business? A hamburger stand needs at least a grill, a storefront, tables and chairs.
  2. Supplies: that varies with the business but should not be hard to buy and store your supplies.
  3. Staff: What type of workers do you need to run the business? A restaurant needs at least a cook.
  4. Expenses: How much is it going to cost me to run the business?  Electricity, rent,  payroll, etc.
  5. Clients: How am I going to make money?   Find out who your customers are and find a way to attract them - advertise. 

Then, buy your equipment and supplies, select your workers, figure out your expenses, and know your clients and the competition

Competition: Don't worry too much about the competition, just provide a product in demand, guarantee it, price it reasonably and competitively,  and provide the best service you can.  Finally,  learn how to manage people, reward them for their work.

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