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Do I Need a Partnership or LLC Operating Agreement?  


YES!  You avoid costly disputes.                

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 A general partnership:  all the partners share in the management, and all partners are liable for the decisions made. In a general partnership, a partner is held jointly and severally liable for the acts of the other partners.

You should have a partnership agreement outlining the job description, capital contribution, responsibilities and expectations of each partner.  

Limited partnership: liability for the limited partner is limited. One or more partners control and manage the business, while others take no part in it.

You could register your partnership but in most states you don't need to.  Your partnership agreement is enough.  If you register it, it will be a limited a partnership partially a separate entity in that it calculates its business income and expenses on its own financial statements, but  the tax benefits or liabilities flow through to each partner.

  • Ownership capital contribution and participation
    Each individual's contribution may not always be monetary. Contribution of time, services, capital, equipment, expertise can be considered capital contribution.
  • Dispute resolution
    Establish a process you are going to solve problems before they occur rather than in the midst of a dispute.

  • Distribution of profits
    Who receives a share of the profits; how much that share will be .

Do I Need an LLC   operating agreement?


Most states' LLC laws don't require an  operating agreement. However,  an operating agreement is necessary:

  • The courts  respect your personal liability more if they see organization behind it .
  • It outlines  how profits will be split up, how business decisions will be made.
  • It helps to avoid disputes  between the owners


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 Starting a Business?

Required  Business Permits & Licenses

These rules apply to ALL States & ALL businesses:


Table of Req'd Documents 

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Starting a Business in California (CA)

California (CA) Business Start-Up Checklist


  • All businesses need these licenses                                         

    • Including online Websites, ebay, Home-Based , Sole Owners, partnerships, corporations, or any other business

*    All Businesses are  required to Get a Business License or Permit ,

*   Businesses using a  name other than the owner's name  are required to register a Business Fictitious Trade Name

*    Employers are required to Get a  state Tax Id Number and a federal Tax Id Number (FEIN) 

*   Wholesalers / retailers of taxable goods / services need a  Seller's  Permit

*  Corporations or LLCs are required to Get a federal Tax Id Number (FEIN) and required to Get a Business License or Permit .      


Table of Required Licenses     Fees 

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